How To Prepare For IC38 Exam ?

  • DAY 1. Read all the chapters from the IC38 Study Material . It will take 2hrs to read all the chapters.
  • DAY 2/3. Go through the question set given in IC38 Study Material for different languages . Try to solve questions on your own before looking to answers.
  • DAY 4/5. Attempt the Mock Test in your preferred languages.
  • DAY 6. Once again revise all the chapters given in the notes. Make sure you are aware of all the important topics of each chapter.
  • DAY 7. Exam day.

Tips For How To Solve The Paper?

  • There will be 50 questions in total. First go through all the questions. We have to score 18 questions to pass.
  • Now solve those questions which you are 100% sure. That is you know the answers of such questions very well. Questions which you have read or questions you have solved before also in practice test. It will take hardly 10 minutes to solve this questions.
    Note – There will be 12-15 such questions which you can solve confidently. Now we have to work for 3-6 questions only.
  • Now you are left with questions which you are doubtful and which you don’t know anything.
    Note – There will be 30-35 such questions in such category.
  • First try to solve those questions which you are doubtful. In doubtful questions there will be 2 options which have no connection with question leave such options and try to figure out correct answer from remaining 2 options. Don’t waste much time on such questions. Maximum 10-15 minutes only for doubtful questions.
    Note – There will be 10-15 such questions in this category. After using above trick you can easily score 3-4 questions correct.
  • Now you will be left with only those questions which you don’t know or have no idea about it. Don’t think much about it simply mark option C to all such question. It will take hardly 5 minutes to do it.
    Note – There will be 15-20 such questions in such category. After using above trick you can easily score another 3-4 questions correct. Your complete paper will finish in 35-40 minutes. Make use of remaining time for checking.
  • In last 10 minutes of the exam asterisk all questions and make sure you have attempted all questions.



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